We offer a variety of cupcakes that come in many flavors from chocolate to fruity. Seasons change, and so do our seasonal flavors! We're always coming up with new flavors for you to try, and therefore, change out our flavors to keep them fresh and exciting. But don't worry, we do keep some classic flavors year-round. Check out our cupcakes page to see our current available flavors.

Thai Rolled Ice Cream

Thai Rolled ice cream is a specialized ice cream where you have a base of chocolate or vanilla and then you can mix in toppings. Once the mix-ins are chopped up, we smooth out the ice cream until it's in a thin sheet where we then roll them up into six happy rolls. and finish it off with more toppings for you to enjoy.

What is in our Ice Cream?

Here at Mai Little Cakes, we like to use nothing but fresh whole ingredients. Our ice cream base has just a few simple ingredients that have no preservatives, gorgum, and you can understand what you have in your dessert. 

-Whole Milk


-Egg Yolks


Simple ingredients used and made fresh daily that tastes just like homemade ice cream.

Boba Tea

Boba Tea is a dessert tea that allow you to drink and eat the topping all at once. It can be made hot, iced or blended like a smoothie/slushy. It's comes in a variety of flavors from fruity to creamy milk.

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